Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Self-Standing with 25Kpa Powerful Suction, with a battery level displayer, Lightweight Stick Vacuum, Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floor Pet Hair (White)




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Product Description

carpet vacuum cleanercarpet vacuum cleaner

household vacuum cleanershousehold vacuum cleaners

cordless vacuumscordless vacuums

stick cordless vacuum cleaners for hardwoodstick cordless vacuum cleaners for hardwood

Powerful Motor

The built-in high-speed rotating motor can increase the suction power of the vacuum cleaner maximum to 25Kpa. Clean more thoroughly, making cleaning efficient and spotless.

Lightweight Design

Through a lightweight design, the total weight of the vacuum cleaner is reduced to 7.5 pounds. Even women can easily lift the hardwood floor vacuum cleaner with one hand, reducing the pressure on the wrist.

Multilayer Filtration

The cordless vacuums’s six-layer filtration system not only traps visible debris like hair within the dustcup,but also minute dust particles cannot escape. This prevents secondary pollution from harming the family.

stick vacuum for carpetsstick vacuum for carpets

stick vacuums cordlessstick vacuums cordless Battery Level Indicator

The best vacuum cleaners for home, equipped with a power display, accurately presents the remaining and charged power in the form of percentages.

Make battery level visible, greatly alleviating the anxiety caused by battery concerns.

In use: Display the remaining battery level Charging: Displaying charged battery level


The built-in upright feature allows the wood floor vacuum to stand anywhere on the home ground.

Not only is it easy to storage, but also lets you attend to other urgent matters at any time.

You won’t be tied down by cleaning.

Convenient for storage Stop cleaning at any time

upright vacuum cleaner cordlessupright vacuum cleaner cordless

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cordless vacuum cleanercordless vacuum cleaner

Telescopic Rod

The design of the telescopic rod allows the best vacuum for hardwood floors’s length to be adjusted in 11 stages. Adjust freely according to your height to get a vacuum cleaners for home pets that suits you better.

One-Click Dust Dumping

By pressing the button at the bottom of the floor vacuum cordless dustcup, the trash is directly dumped into the trash bin without the need for hand cleaning. It’s clean and fast. Hygienic cleaning should be spotless.

LED Lights

The LED lights on the vacuum cleaner for home’s floor brush can illuminate dark corners such as under furniture. Don’t let trash get left out.

Rotating Brush Head

Large-range rotatable floor brush head makes moving the wireless vacuum easy, and also allows for easy cleaning in corners and other difficult-to-reach areas.

vacuum cleaner carpet and floorvacuum cleaner carpet and floor

【Self-Standing Function】Compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, it has added Self-Standing functions. This allows the vacuum cleaner to be placed anywhere, freeing you from cleaning duties at any time to do what you want.
【Powerful Suction】The powerful motor equipped in the vacuum cleaner allows the suction power of the vacuum to reach 25Kpa. Not only pet hair at home, but also some food residues can be effortlessly clean up. Cleaning was clean and easy.
【Battery Indicator】The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a battery indicator.During cleaning, it displays the remaining power. While charging, it shows the already charged amount. Helps effective time management, alleviating anxiety caused by power issues.
【Multiple Filtration】Through the unique design, the dustcup of the vacuum cleaner achieves a dual cyclone effect. It presses the garbage at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner’s dustcup. Paired with metal filters, efficient filter cotton,etc. After multiple filtration processes to effectively trap garbage, locking it within the dustcup to prevent secondary pollution.
【Lightweight Design】The vacuum cleaner increases the power of the motor,reduces the weight of the motor while maintaining the suction power. At the same time, by choosing materials for the vacuum cleaner, the weight of the vacuum cleaner is further reduced. Even a lady can easily handle it.
【Multiple Brush Heads】The vacuum cleaner accessories include a floor brush, crevice tool, and a two-in-one combination brush. Besides being suitable for cleaning floors, tiles, and other surfaces, it can also easily clean high places such as ceilings and curtains, as well as gaps like behind cabinets and sofas. It ensures thorough cleaning with no blind spots.
【One-Touch Dust Disposal】The design of one-touch dust disposal is not only convenient for dumping the garbage. It also avoids garbage touching your hands and dirtying them.
【Extendable Rod】The vacuum cleaner employs a metal rod that can extend into 11 sections. Easily adjust the length according to your height, ensures that the vacuuming process does not become uncomfortable due to the length of vacuum cleaner.
【Rotatable Floor Brush Head】The floor brush head can rotate 180° left and right, and 90° up and down. It can effectively clean some hard-to-reach corners. The vacuum cleaner will move more smoothly.
【LED Lights】The vacuum cleaner’s floor brush head is equipped with multiple bright LED lights, illuminating dark areas under beds and sofas, leaving no place for debris to hide.

Customers say

Customers like the value, stability, weight and quality of the vacuum cleaner. For example, they mention it’s easy to maneuver around furniture, it has more suction power and it’ll stand upright. That said, they’re happy with suction, and ease of emptying.

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